Friday, 4 January 2013

Cadet Worlds Day 4

Thursday dawned with a warm northerly wind blowing a constant 20 to 25 knots and Team GBR keen as mustard to get out there. Onshore Hobart  at 42° south sweltered in heatwave conditions, with temperatures of  33° C.

Race 9 started in an average wind reading of 22 knots with gusts up to 33 knots. The wind was consistent in direction but not so in strength, oscillating between 12 knots to 33 knots! However the race got away on time and from the start the GBR boats  were on the front foot with Corby/Keen leading followed by White/Wootton and Wilson/Fitzsimmons in the top 10 round the windward mark.

After the lead changing a couple of times in what was an extremely windy and exciting race Corby/Keen finished 3rd with White/Wootton in 8th and Wilson/Fitzsimmons 11th.


Race 10 saw the Brits challenging at the front of the fleet again in 25 knots plus.  Corby sailed his best race of the week finishing just under two minutes ahead of the next boat. With 4 boats finishing this time in the top 10 and Speirs/Bates putting in their best performance yet,  the Brits really enjoyed the windy conditions.

The wind continued to blow hard and with gusts coming through at 43knots the race officer abandoned for the day.

Overall positions at the end of day 4 Corby/Keen 3rd, White Wootton 8th, Wilson/Fitzsimmons 11th, Sutton/Anderson 16th, Yale/Chatterton, Barr/Barr , D'Arcy/Barr , Speirs/Speirs and Speirs/Bates.

The forecast is not looking great for tomorrow we are hoping for two quick ones before too much wind and too much sun!