Monday, 24 December 2012

Aussie Nationals - Day 1

With 77 entries the Aussie Cadet Nationals made headline news today with an interview from the GBR team representatives Alex Corby and Robert Keen.

Alex and Robert were joined this morning by Jack Wilson, Nick Sutton, Sam Yale with Harry Chatterton, Emma White with Ellie Wootton, Jess D'Arcy with Joe Barr, Molly Speirs with Livvy Bates, Izzy with Emily Speirs.

Overcast with light airs for the first race the team turned in a solid performance with Alex and Robert 5th, Emma and Ellie 12th, and Sam and Harry were 16th. The second race was a tough one with the wind swinging through 120 degrees throughout the course of the race causing some big place changes midway through and delivering a fourth for Sam and Harry. In the third race the sun came out and the fleet benefited from more stable conditions and saw Alex and Robert the first GBR boat in 11th place.

Overall positions at the end of day one:
Yale/Chatterton 7th
Corby/Keen 9th
White/Wootton 14th
Wilson/Sutton 32nd
Barr/Barr 40th
D'Arcy/Barr 45th
Speirs/Speirs 50th
Speirs/Bates 58th

Down Under in Hobart!
Team Briefing in the sunshine!!