Friday, 7 December 2012

The Container arrives in Hobart

Our container successfully passed through customs without the need for a full inspection and container delivered on Monday. This is great news. 

Four reasons why

1. Excellent packing of container in the first place. Well done Matt, Phil and to all who packed their gear
2. Good information from all to say where etc. have sailed that allowed us to protest
3. Good contacts at Hobart on shippers
4. Liberal use of disinfectant throughout the container

We have heard the Dutch team are having a really bad time trying to get clearance as they did not ship on a Carnet and at the moment the customs are insisting on a full unpack for them…Nightmare!

A message from Jason at KWL Logistics, Felixstowe
"So our bit is now sorted for the import and it is now over to you and the youngsters to Go Get Gold for us.
Please wish everyone racing the best Luck we will all be routing for them"

Our thanks must go to Jason and his team for all their hard work and good advice.  We must also thank Paul Burnell (Cadet World Champion x 2) who was on standby to oversee the container unpacking by customs had it been necessary.  Paul has also taken receipt of the container at Sandy Bay for us which is much appreciated and we look forward to meeting him on our arrival.